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 Guild/Alliance Rules

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Guild/Alliance Rules Empty
PostSubject: Guild/Alliance Rules   Guild/Alliance Rules Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2009 6:16 am

Hey Guys,

Just a few rules for the Guild and Alliance:

-In Guild Chat, please keep swearing mild.
-If you are inactive from the guild for 1 month you will be kicked, unless you have
posted a reason as to why you were inactive in the Guild Leave section on the forum.
-Direct abuse or racism will not be tollerated, you will
recieve two warnings then removed from the Guild.
-No swearing what so ever is tollerated in Alliance Chat.
-Please no spamming in guild and alliance chat, if you want to sell/buy something
use the forum.
-To become a officer of the Guild, you must be fairly active, participate in Guild activities
help out when help is needed and you must have been a member for at least one month.
-There is to be no scamming in the Guild.
-Have Fun =]

Yeah thats about it, enjoy the guild

Guild/Alliance Rules Roguecopy
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Guild/Alliance Rules
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